A downloadable racing game for Windows

Squid racing enjoyed solo or up to 4 local players.

"You can only move forward in space if you push something else away" ~Anonymous

Squids can loose their tentacles to thrust forward on a beautiful racing track!
Don't worry, they can still get tentacles back... from their enemies!

Space Squids: Race in Space

Play up to 4 players!
Set the amount of laps and enjoy!

Space Squids: Race in Space, Main Menu

Made for the Global Game Jam 2020!


  • Michelle Avis: 2D art and UI sprites
  • Julius de Blaaij: Balancing and UI implementation
  • Thijs Engel: Music and Sound design
  • Nathan Nieuwenhuizen: Programming
  • Willem van Schaik: 3D and technical art
  • Mirna van Steenbergen: Game design, Producing and Graphic Design

Global Game Jam 2020


SpaceSquids_RaceInSpaceV10.zip 28 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract to get the executable.

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